Using passwordless loginΒΆ

'Passwordless login' is an authentication process whereby users are not required to enter a password when logging in. Instead, authentication is performed with the help of the smart card authenticator.

The Digidentity platform uses the OAuth2 specification to enable this for IDK-integrated mobile apps. More information can be found here.

Below is a typical login scenario:

  1. The client's backend makes a request to the Digidentity backend to return a JSON containing a URI
  2. The URI from the JSON can then be displayed as a QR code or passed to the IDK to handle
  3. The IDK recognizes the payload from the URI/QR code and starts the passwordless login flow
  4. The user is presented with an authentication screen. Once complete, the IDK reports a success result back to the app with the PLS request ID
  5. The app notifies the client's backend that the authentication is complete and provides the returned PLS request ID
  6. The client's backend requests an authentication token from the Digidentity platform which can be used to access the required resources