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Digidentity Platform integration

The Digidentity IDK is a client-server solution which communicates to the Digidentity platform. To facilitate this communication, the following is required:

Configure Firebase project

For Digidentity to generate Dynamic Links via your domain, the following URL schemes must be whitelisted in your Firebase project. Regex strings used should be flexible enough to allow a UUID structure at the end of each URL.

  • Pre-production:{{UUID}}
  • Production:{{UUID}}

Provide Firebase details

The Digidentity platform uses Firebase Cloud Messaging to send push notifications to mobile apps. To get started, your Firebase project must be configured for Firebase Cloud Messaging. See the external dependencies setup documentation for details.

The following details can be found in your Firebase Console and must be shared with Digidentity. For security, please send keys using a secure channel (e.g. via a 'burn after reading' link from

Provide mobile platform specific details

We also request that you provide the following details at your earliest convenience. These are not required to start working with the IDK, but must be provided before moving to production. Firebase details can be found in your Firebase console

  • App name
  • App logo URL
  • Firebase Project number
  • Firebase Android App ID
  • Firebase iOS App ID
  • Android package name
  • iOS Apple App ID
  • iOS bundle ID

Get client secret

Once the details above have been shared with Digidentity, we will provide a 'client secret token' in return. This is a unique access token required for the IDK to function and be configured. Please refer to the IDK usage documentation for further information.